Palinka 12 - 12 Nov 2011


Download palinka

The zip file contains the palinka12.exe and XML config.
Download the zip archive, extract the .exe and XML config and save them to your preferred folder.

Changes in 11:
Changes in 10:
keys used listed below:

"Interactive mode"
Left Mouse Button extend shape with motion of mouse
, extend shape to left
. extend shape to right
; extend shape up
/ extend shape down
numpad - extend shape into screen
numpad + extend shape out of screen
space stop drawing
Z move camera to left
X move camera to right
D move camera up
C move camera down
F move camera into screen
V move camera out of screen
A move shape around with mouse
S make shape invisible (so you can move it around - without drawing it - a bit of luck needed maybe)
numpad 8/2 rotate scene about x-axis
numpad 4/6 rotate scene about y-axis
numpad 7/9 rotate scene about z-axis
mousewheel zoom in/out of screen
Right Mouse Button rotate scene with motion of mouse
` or MMB toggle panel visible
Escape clears canvas while drawing

"normal mode"
Right Mouse Button rotate scene with motion of mouse
mousewheel zoom in/out of screen
Z shift scene to left
X shift scene to right
D shift scene up
C shift scene down
1/2 grow/shrink the objects


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As always this program comes with no warranty, no help, no charge and it was developed in c# and direct3d 9 on windows xp.
Many (potential) users have found that this program does not run on their system, perhaps downloading DirectX SDK or runtimes may help. I do not know.

Palinka made these images:

Palinka made these images:

Palinka also made these images:

Palinka is written in C# and developed on and for Microsoft Windows XP.
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